Seasonal Activity

Dagushan Wild Lily Season

Event Content:
April to May is wild lily season, it is a species originated from Taiwan. The super high germination rate and strong growth characteristics are often regarded as the spiritual representative of local Taiwan……

Loha Farming Experience, Green Life in the Mountain

Symbiosis of fish, earthworm and vegetable: Experience the cultivation method of hydroponic vegetable, get to know the species of fish and its growth habits and environment. Experience of nature and breeding fish and earthworm.

Phoenix House (local lunch): Enjoy the food offered in the comfortable log house and herbal tea made by the herbs planted by the hostess to relax your body and soul.

Te-Hsin Hall and Shavedice Shop: Get to know the century-year-old house and taste the porridge made by Tianci rice planted with good water.

About this area​

Dagushan and the surrounding area has abundant local agricultural products, including organic vegetables, rice, green bamboo sheet, potted plants, water deer as well as diverse landscape, including hills, mountain, river, agricultural ponds, and Hoklo Taiwanese rural cultural. It is a very diverse leisure agricultural area.

Featured Industry

Dagushan has diverse buissness development, including catering, ranches, farms and beautiful night view. It worth visiting again and again.

Drink Good Tea

Phoenix House is a secret place located in Luzhu. It has a comfortable environment that makes you feel like home. You can enjoy herbal tea made by your own and some time to recharge.

Have Fun

Shanjiao Deer Ranch launch a package trip that tourists can get close to little deer, from the knowledge of their habits, drinking milk and run with deer. You don’t need to fly to Nara to have the same experience!

Find Good Food

A good night at Dagushan must come with great food and starry night. There are many restaurants with great night views for you to explore! What are you waiting for!